Meet the GSB Administrators

Please meet our team of highly qualified and motivated administrators.

Meet the Teachers

  • Kathrin Nagle

    Executive Director, School Founder

    Kathrin is the Founder and Head of School of the German School Brooklyn.
    She manages daily operations at the school including administration, strategic development, fundraising and admission.

    After studying law at LMU Munich, Germany, Kathrin moved to the US in 2008.
    Prior to her work for the German School Brooklyn, Kathrin worked in the political department of the German Mission to the UN and served at the German Consulate General in New York.

    She and her husband Michael Nagle, an American photojournalist live in Brooklyn with their son Liam.

  • Sonja Einoedter

    Senior Director of Administration, School Co-founder, French, grades 6-8

    I am very excited to be part o f the GSB team as an administrator. Born and raised in Salzburg, Austria, I earned an Associate’s degree in International Business and a Master’s degree in Education from the University of Salzburg. Before joining GSB in 2015 I taught French in at Mark Twain, an excellent  public Junior High school in Brooklyn for 8 years, the years before I taught French in a High School in Salzburg, Austria and worked as a language assistant in two schools in the north of France.  As Head of Administration I am in charge of the administrative management at GSB including but not limited to implementing and administering  school management programs,  establishing policies and procedures for operations at GSB like admissions, transportation, safety, after school/camps.

  • Julia Stratmann

    Director of Development

    I love working with kids and the arts, and I’m so happy that at GSB I get to work with both! I graduated from the LMU in Munich in 2003 (M.A. in Theater, English Literature & Pedagogy). My passion for acting brought me to NYC, where I attended the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. Studying acting and comedy was always part of my New York life. At GSB I started as the class teacher of grades 1 & 2. After my daughter Lumi was born in 2015, my role transitioned into supporting our English Language Learners as ELL coordinator, as well as taking on the title of Director of Marketing. In this role, I have had the pleasure of helping turn GSB from a parent initiative into an academic institution.

    My teaching, as well as my role as an administrator, are informed by my deep desire to connect with people, young and old. Our job at GSB is to make kids feel good about themselves and get creative in the ways (and languages) in which this can be achieved. I love being part of a diverse team of educators and administrators, because as the school is growing, so is the team and the knowledge base we are building on.

    My ever expanding responsibilities as Director of Marketing range from creating events for the community, such as the Annual Gala or the Bilingual Brain Conversations, to writing mini plays for my after school class.

  • Hendrike Stark

    Director of Finances and HR

    Prior to her work at the German School Brooklyn, Hendrike worked for 6 years in the legal and consular section of the German General Consulate in New York.

    Hendrike holds a BS in Behaviorism, and is currently studying Clinical Psychology at the University in Hagen. She also is a certified NGH Hypnotherapist.

    Hendrike was born and raised in Hannover, Germany. She moved to New York City in 2007 and lives in Brooklyn with her family.

  • Lena Bacan

    Director of Operations

    With background in German Speech Pathology I found my way to GSB in 2016 after moving to NYC from Hamburg/Germany.

    As part of a great support team I help students that aren’t native to either German or English transition into our bilingual school.

    Starting this year I am taking on a bigger role within the administrative staff by organizing day to day operations as well as caring for our students library and Antolin Program.

    I am very happy to be part of a great team and the very welcoming community here at GSB!

  • Irish Yambao

    Director of Health

    I aim to help provide a safe and healthy environment for children to learn at their optimal capacity. I completed my Bachelor of Science in Nursing in the Philippines. Since graduating, I have focused mainly on youth and family services. I’ve worked as a health assistant in a family urgent care practice, a holistic wellness center, and a therapeutic school for children and teens. I utilized a strength based perspective and proactive solutions in the variety of settings and diverse populations I’ve served. My passion has always been to help and to develop in each child a positive approach to healthful living in both attitude and practice.

    I was born in the Philippines and grew up in New Jersey. My daily goal is to be an approachable, optimistic, and helpful representative for the students and staff at German School Brooklyn. It is an honor to be part of the vibrant community of learners at GSB.

  • Amelie Goldman

    Director of Admissions, Community Liaison

    My passion for sport and its system led me to the German Sport University in Cologne, where I graduated with a B.A. in Sports Management and Communication.

    After working for a Sport Sponsoring Company in Media Evaluation, interning at a German Bundesliga Soccer Team in marketing and a Division -I College Sports Department in Pennsylvania, I ultimately found my way back into school. This time around I have the honor to transfer and teach my love for sports to GSBs students!

    I am grateful to have found such a caring and strong community after my move to NYC in February 2017. Working here is a true pleasure and I can’t wait to grow alongside this school that is still in its starting blocks!