Meet the GSB Board and Founders

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the government, control and general management of the German School Brooklyn. While the Board has many responsibilities, its largest responsibilities include overseeing the affairs of the school, managing the fiscal assets and providing guidance and decisions regarding GSB’s future.

The Board of Trustees operates with the singular goal of ensuring the long-term viability of GSB as an educational institution. All members of the Board of Trustees are volunteers who donate their time and money in an effort to ensure the success of GSB.

The current Board of Trustees is comprised of the following members:

Voting members

Stefan Stauder     President

Simona D‘Souza    Co-President

Stephan Feilhauer

Boney Poovan

Stephanie Wilchfort

Tanya Faude Koivisto

Eduard Frauneder

Alexander Dumbadze


Non-Voting members  

[dt. Beratende Mitglieder]

Kerstin Haakensons (Principal)

Marsa Kindl-Omuse (PA President)

Kathrin Nagle (Founder)

Yasemin Pamuk (German Consulate General)


Kathrin Nagle | School Founder

Kathrin is the Founder and Head of School of the German School Brooklyn.

She manages daily operations at the school including administration, strategic development, fundraising and admission.

After studying law at LMU Munich, Germany, Kathrin moved to the US in 2008.

Prior to her work for the German School Brooklyn, Kathrin worked in the political department of the German Mission to the UN and served at the German Consulate General in New York.

She and her husband Michael Nagle, an American photojournalist live in Brooklyn with their son Liam.

Muriel Plag | School Founder

Muriel Plag is the co-founder of the German School Brooklyn.

Since 2013, she has been the Executive Officer for Global Education for Schulexpert. She was instrumental in establishing the first International German School in Luxor, Egypt, and has been the principal at the German recognized schools Europa Schule Kairo and German School Hurghada.

Muriel has lectured at the University of Freiburg’s Institute for Education, and has extensive experience as a classroom teacher, including teaching German and French at the High School level and as a Montessori instructor/trainer.

Sonja Einoedter | School Founder

As Head of Administration Sonja is in charge of the administrative management at GSB. She has been instrumental in implementing and administering school management programs and establishing policies and procedures for operations at GSB including but not limited to admissions, transportation, safety, after school/camps. Born and raised in Salzburg, Austria, Sonja earned an Associate’s degree in International Business and a Master’s degree in Education from the University of Salzburg. She has worked as a French teacher in Middle and High Schools in Austria, France and Brooklyn, NYC for over 10 years before joining GSB as an administrator in 2015.

Christine Krabs | School Founder

With almost 20 years of experience in preschool education, Christine is a seasoned early childhood educator, and one of the pioneers in Early Childhood Language Immersion Education in Brooklyn. She ist the founder/director, head teacher and driving force behind Wortspiele, Brooklyn’s first and only German Immersion Montessori preschool, established in 2004.

Born and raised in Hamburg, Germany, Christine earned a degree and state license in social pedagogy from the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg/Germany in 1992/3. She is a trained Montessori Early Childhood teacher, and is currently pursuing an M.S.Ed. at Bank Street College.