Entering the bilingual learning path: No German? No problem!

The GSB curriculum is the academic backbone of a GSB student’s learning path. Every learner is unique – in a truly bilingual K-12 experience this is even more true. We are confident that the curriculum we have designed not only offers a rich academic landscape, but also supports our students’ social-emotional growth.

Whether in German or English (or Spanish, starting in Grade 3!), caring, skillful teachers and inquiry- and project- based learning strategies encourage class time to be dynamic and student led. We strive to spark our students’ inherent curiosity about the world, and give them the tools to learn by developing their abilities to think analytically and creatively, all the while encouraging learning to be joyful and fun. 

Becoming bilingual is about academics, of course, but it’s also about learning through play, friendships and conversations. Our GSB families value community and foster this learning, both in the school building and outside our classroom walls – in our neighborhood, in Brooklyn, and beyond. 

The GSB Curriculum

We follow a Mixed Academic Model (50/50), taking the best practices from both German and American approaches. This hybrid approach focuses on independence, exploration, reasoning and creative problem-solving in the classroom. We build our entire approach with the goal of instilling a lifelong passion and aptitude for learning within every child. GSB accepts non-German speakers and German speakers with no German reading and writing proficiency up to 6th grade. If applying at the 3rd grade level or higher, students must be performing very well academically at their current school in order to be accepted to GSB. Part of the admissions process is a review of current report cards and an interview with a member of our school management team.

Pre School

Brooklyn parents are lucky to have two excellent German Immersion Preschools to choose from. Both Kinderhaus and Wortspiele graduates enjoy preferred admissions. The Union Temple Pre-School (UT Pre-School) is located in the same building as GSB and also offers German language classes to support the transition to GSB.

Lower School

The lower school years are a precious time. Our young learners develop skills, knowledge, and strategies to grow academically, creatively, and socially. Students build a strong academic foundation while also pursuing their unique interests as their identities develop along the path of becoming lifelong learner. German School Brooklyn’s lower school academics are based on two main curricula: the German Curriculum from Thüringen and a Common Core aligned curriculum. This bilingual approach prioritizes full language immersion during the time when children are developmentally able to become entirely fluent in both English and German.

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Middle School

The middle school years are a time of rapid growth and change for students. Along with this comes the capacity for increased independence and critical thinking. Students are encouraged to inquire and reflect on their own learning process and social interactions, and take charge of their own progress. The middle school team strives to teach and learn in a way that recognizes the unique challenges and joys of being a middle schooler. Academic skills that were acquired throughout lower school are refined and deepened in middle school. Through inquiry and project oriented learning, students make connections to their earlier studies, to their personal experiences, and to the real world.

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Upper School

Our Upper School program offers a challenging college preparatory curriculum which encourages students to be critical and creative thinkers. We are currently interested in implementing the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme in grades 11 and 12, a program which prepares students remarkably well for studies at the college level and beyond. GSB’s commitment to small class size ensures that students receive plenty of individual attention during these important years as students grow into young adults. Our teachers and staff challenge our students and give them the support they need to grow as learners and as people.

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After School

GSB is opening up its remote enrichment program to a wider community! We have a variety of after school enrichment classes for two different age groups, multiple language levels and interests. And the best part is: you can try them out this week! “Schnupperstunde” means “try before you buy” - this is your chance to finally feel out capoeira... chess... music... Latin!! Please browse our offers and sign up for a trial class. A new passion is just a Zoom call away. Please take advantage of this offer now and meet some of our lovely teachers and partners. GSB families enjoy a discount. Tell a friend about it and use it as a remote play date with a friend that goes to a different school. Help us to succeed in bringing people together - it’s the GSB way.

Summer Camp

We are excited to announce that German School Manhattan and Galli Theater are inviting all GSB families to join them for summer camp in Tribeca this summer. This is a great way to immerse your kiddos in a bilingual experience, and there is plenty of time for outdoor play and city excursions each day. Campers ages 4-12 of different German language levels are welcome.

The Bilingual International Baccalaureate (IB) - GIB

GSB is pursuing authorization to become an IB World School. The testing subjects of the GIB (gemischtsprachiges International Baccalaureate) will be chosen along the following guidelines:

  • 3 high level subjects
  • 3 standard level subjects
  • English subjects German subjects
  • Extended essay (to be completed over the course of two years)
  • CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) – Sports, Arts, Community service