Afterschool (Remote Enrichment)

GSB is opening up its remote enrichment program to a wider community! We have a variety of after school enrichment classes for two different age groups, multiple language levels and interests. And the best part is: you can try them out this week! “Schnupperstunde” means “try before you buy” – this is your chance to finally feel out capoeira… chess… music… Latin!! Please browse our offers and sign up for a trial class. A new passion is just a Zoom call away. Please take advantage of this offer now and meet some of our lovely teachers and partners. GSB families enjoy a discount. Tell a friend about it and use it as a remote play date with a friend that goes to a different school. Help us to succeed in bringing people together – it’s the GSB way.

Classes will be remote only until spring or possibly the entire school year. depending on the guidelines of the New York City and New York State for outdoor activities as well as the Covid rates.


Classes are from 3pm to 4pm for the younger students and from 4pm to 5pm for the older students. All classes will be 60 minutes long. 


There is a minimum of 6 students per class; maximum class size varies.  If there are fewer students registered, GSB reserves the right to cancel the offering. 


GSB families $650 for the school year (about $20 per session) 

NON GSB families $750 for the school year (about $25 per session) 

Registration and payment for Remote Enrichment is only available online via Active charges a $5 fee per registration. Tuition can be paid in full at registration or in two installments. If the payment is in two installments, the first installment is due at registration and the second installment is due on November 15th. The cancellation fee is 50% of the total cost, if you let us know before November 15th. If you cancel after November 15th,  you are responsible for paying the full tuition. 

Sonja Einoedter, Director of Administration


  • Internet access and a screen (phone, laptop, iPad, desktop) 
  • Participants in chess classes need to be able to use the mouse and set up an account with (see details in description)  
  • For Capoeira, students will need some space to move around. 
  • It’s good practice if students, once they are set up, are in a room by themselves to limit background noise and other distractions.  
  • Students are expected to join the sessions on time and participate until the end of the session. 



Instructor:     Coaches of The ACE

Language:     English, Brazilian Portuguese

Grades::     K – 4 

Levels:        All levels welcome

Time:         3pm – 4pm

 Capoeira is played as a partner game, where there are two winners in the spirit of competition. Training for and playing Abada-Capoeira requires you to work out your body as well as your mind. Participants will learn various exercises, drills, games, music, acrobatics, and martial arts with our teaching model.

Capoeira commands great dignity and respect from its students. The physical aspects promote good balance, strength and flexibility, while the mental aspects encourage improvisation, strategic thinking and progressive achievement. It is a great way to stay physically fit, enjoy and honor the music, and celebrate Afro-Brazilian culture.

All levels are welcome according to grade groups listed above – grades are broken up in order to facilitate physical capability and understanding.

Classes will be conducted via Zoom. Instructors will primarily be teaching the class from a local studio and/or outdoors. Participants should expect to use up to a 3-4 foot square of space (but we’ll make accommodations for everyone who participates!).

Students should wear clothes that are comfortable to move in. Bare feet or non slip shoes are recommended. Come to learn something fun and have fun learning!

 Animazing Stories 

Instructor:     Anna Samo

Language:     German

Grades::     4 – 8 

Time:        3pm – 4pm

This class will infuse the students with the crazy magic of animation. We will make the monsters dance and the tigers cry. We will explore different animation techniques such as cut-out, pixilation, stop motion, clay animation and many others. Using these techniques, we will invent our own stories. At the end, we will roll out the red carpet and share our animazing films with everybody! Video:

Arts & Crafts 

Instructor:     Justyna Grabovska

Language:     German

Grades::     K – 3

Time:        3pm – 4pm

Students will work on special projects related to the seasons or books we read together. They will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of drawing and arts and crafts activities.

Chess Tips and Playtime for Kids

Instructor:     Coaches of  New York Chess and Games 

Language:     English

Grades::     K  – 8

Levels:        All levels welcome

 Learn fun secrets of chess strategy and play with the teacher and other kids from school! Attendees will sign on to the Zoom link and must create a free playing account on (See details below.) 

Children must be able to use a laptop or desktop computer with a mouse attached so they can click and drag the pieces for play. Please give them some time (as much as possible) to master this, because it often takes repeated practice. Smaller children may need adult assistance.

Fitness Camp – live from your home

Instructor:     Yvonne Haussmann

Language:     German 

Grades:     3  – 8

Time:        4pm-5pm

Special times call for special measures, so we are going mobile with our Fitness Routine! Instead of working out with a small group of GSB students, we are opening our gates to the whole GSB Community. Students, parents, and siblings are all welcome to work out TOGETHER. I want to see all of your faces behind those screens, ready to sweat in sync with one another! 

Promoting health and fitness is always a priority, now more than ever. Together we will be working on our cardio, muscle strength and flexibility, and learn new and creative ways to utilize our limited space at home in order to get us in the best shape possible. 

We will draw on a variety of movements from different sports and activities such as Kickboxing, Zumba, HIIT Cardio and Plyometrics. Fun, sweat, and a sense of accomplishment guaranteed!

I Paint Music! 

Instructor:     Justyna Grabovska

Language:     German

Grades::     K – 3

Time:        3pm – 4pm

In a colorful way, we will connect two beautiful arts: music and painting. We will develop our senses and creativity while listening to music and painting to it. We will travel to different places, perhaps even forward and backward in time! Our favorite results will be presented in an online gallery.


Instructor:     Tina Petereit

Language:     German

Grades::     4 – 8

Time:         4pm-5pm

Sapere aude: Dare to know! Latin is all around us; let’s make it visible! In this workshop, we will study the basics of the Latin language, it’s beauty and how it still relates to our world today. In addition to language, we will also dive into the history of Roman culture – what did the Romans eat, wear, and do for entertainment?  And of course, we will meet Percy Jackson and his mythological friends.

Yoga, Stories and Meditation

Instructor:     Jana Kosancic

Language:     German

Grades::     3 – 8

Time:         4pm – 5pm

This after school yoga class will lead your child safely through a yoga practice: move your body and quiet the mind. Your child will explore mindfulness through movement, breathing, and meditation. Mindfulness is the practice of turning our thoughts to what we’re sensing in the present moment without judgment, rather than rehashing the past or imagining the future. Mindfulness has been shown to improve overall health and happiness in children, and teaches them ways to consciously pay attention to their experiences, which helps them develop focus, concentration, self-awareness, and a sense of calm.

More details about GSB’s enrichment program can be found in this brochure.