Global Community & Equity Statement

GSB Equity Statement 

At GSB, we strive to affirm, engage, and celebrate the varied backgrounds and perspectives within our community. We understand that our entire school community benefits from the equitable treatment of each community member. 

This statement reflects the shared mission of our school community. It illustrates not only where we are but also where we strive to go in our efforts for GSB to be a diverse, inclusive, and equitable school community. Please join us in this essential and ongoing work.

At GSB, we create equity in our classrooms by. . .

  • Working to ensure that students can see representations of multiple identities that represent diverse backgrounds in the curriculum and in the materials displayed visually  
  • Supporting the unique identity development of each child 
  • Teaching and learning about social groups; understanding that social groups are complex, varied, and organized around different systems
  • Teaching and learning about how systems advantage some and disadvantage others, to learn how to be agents of change
  • Diversifying the instruction based on the needs and abilities of the students
  • Working together with our social emotional coach to support students

At GSB, we create equity in our community by. . .

  • Providing ongoing professional development opportunities for teachers around topics of diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Providing opportunities for families to learn and grow alongside GSB staff through Global Community Committee meetings, other events, and ongoing conversations
  • Working to ensure that our school traditions, such as annual projects and performances, acknowledge and celebrate diverse backgrounds and identities in a way that is nuanced and authentic
  • Making clear that our school values social justice education for prospective staff and families through our hiring practices, curriculum, and school communications

At GSB, we create equity in school culture by. . .

  • Exposing students to cultures and languages other than their own in an effort to value and celebrate differences and affirm the identities of each child
  • Recognizing people in our community as individuals
  • Using and adapting the Responsive Classroom model to ensure that behavior expectations are clear for all students
  • Having a shared expectation that we strive to treat each person with respect and acknowledgement of our common humanity, while understanding that our lived experiences differ

Glossary of terms

Equity – a strategy used to promote fairness in which each individual is given what they need to be successful

Equality – a strategy used to promote fairness that treats each individual exactly the same way

Equality aims to promote fairness, but it can only work if everyone starts from the same place and needs the same help. We strive toward equity, knowing that each learner may need something different in order to reach their full potential. Specifically, this means that a student’s personal or social circumstances such as ethnic origin, family background, or gender should not be obstacles to their educational potential. Rather, we aim to acknowledge and celebrate these identities, knowing that our school community is stronger and more joyful when we do so.


More about the GCC

The German School Brooklyn’s Global Community Committee is a joint group comprised of teachers, administrators and families of children who attend GSB. We are committed to building a community to foster peaceful young citizens of the world who are thoughtful and can appreciate multiple perspectives. We represent the diversity of Brooklyn and beyond with regard to race, ethnicity and culture, family structure, gender, socio-economic status, personal identity and religion. With the support of the school leadership the group explores areas of cross-culturalism, anti-bias learning and the principles of inclusivity to encourage opportunities for students, teachers, staff and families at GSB to grow their understanding of the world.

The Global Community meets twice each semester. Goals of the GC include to agree upon common definitions of race and racism, explore aspects of racial identity development, and learn how children in particular see race. In addition, we work to understand common definitions related to various aspects of gender, explore aspects of gender identity and expression, and learn how young children develop ideas around gender. Trained experts facilitate these meetings to help our school community practice how to address race and gender related conversations clearly, age appropriately, and with the intention of advocating for equity. GSB is proud to work alongside our families to create a welcoming and informed school community.