At German School Brooklyn, we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all education

Our mission is to amplify the unique potential of every child, so they can achieve the greatest version of themselves.

We raise the person not just the student, so we advance the intellectual, emotional and social abilities of every child that will further their progress in learning and living.

We also teach students that there are many ways to find the answer to a question. Learning is to examine the steps it takes to get to any answer, so they have the tools & competence to problem-solve any query or challenge in their future.

Why it matters

Independent thinkers. Each child learns to take ownership of their academic progress, empowering them to develop and pursue their passions.

Individual acceleration. Our teachers differentiate the curriculum and integrate student choice to develop each student’s interests and abilities.

Well-rounded individuals. Children are exposed to multiple perspectives and backgrounds to cultivate empathy and critical thinking skills as students, leaders, teammates, citizens and friends.


What we firmly believe in

Small class size
 — This is key for individual support.

Real World Connections — We connect classroom learning to the real world to increase student engagement and encourage real world problem solving.

Responsive Teaching  — We work with each child’s background, interests and abilities to create a nurturing, inclusive, academically rigorous classroom culture.

Active Learning — We encourage students to set goals, be self-reflective, and identify the best strategies for their own learning.